Innovative Programs for Better Careers

These innovative programs use real-world, practical knowledge to prepare you for a career after graduation, and each of these programs aligns with growing industries with above-average starting salaries. 

Adrian College is committed to providing students with a positive return on their investment in education. That's why we started career-oriented degrees in the highest-demand fields of today's economy.

By offering a select number of courses in each program online and in collaboration with 100+ other private colleges, we can provide students access to top experts from both academia and the business world. 

  • On-campus experience and liberal arts education.
  • Industry-driven curriculum across a range of fast-growing fields.
  • High-salary career outcomes and employable skills.

Built in collaboration with companies like Google, Ryder, Harry's, and other leading Fortune 500 Brands.

Actuarial Science

A degree in actuarial science is perfect for quantitative students interested in a high-earning and data-driven career.

Certified Financial Planning

This is a certificate program for students interested in sitting for the Certified Financial Planners exam after graduation.

Cloud App Development

Add this program to our Computer Science major to gain specialized skills in Google's cloud business platform.

Computer Science

Learn how to build programs, apps, and the tools that power nearly every company today. Offered as a Major and a Minor.

Cybersecurity Management

Learn how to protect companies from hackers, ransomware, viruses, and sabotage in this business-heavy, coding-light program.

Data Analytics

Learn how to gather, interpret, and present the data that's most critical in companies around the world. 

Digital Marketing & Analytics

The digital marketing & analytics certificate is a 23-hour, high-impact certificate that adds practical skills to your resume and portfolio.

Esports Management

This business degree gives students the nuance and details they need to enter the rapidly growing Esports & Gaming industries.

Game Development

This Game Development major will give students the practical skills to build their own video games and land jobs in a fast-growing industry. 

Information Technology

Learn how to keep companies connected, online, and secure in this great career-driven program. 

Professional Sales

Relevant, project-based degree that helps students master the modern, technology-driven sales process. 

Project Management

Learn how to protect companies from hackers, ransomware, viruses, and sabotage in this business-heavy, coding-light program.

Public Administration

Care about government and serving others? A degree in public administration will prepare students with practical experience in Government and Non-Profits.

Public Health

This high-impact career will help steer policy to improve the lives of millions. It's perfect for those who want to make a difference in their communities. 

Public Relations

Know how to craft a message or manage a crisis? Companies around the country need professionals in this career. 

Supply Chain Management

In a connected world, Supply Chain Management is critical to moving goods and services around the globe.

Web Design

In this program, you'll learn the design, coding, and leading tools marketers and designers use in the real world. 

Why Hybrid Learning?

By designing programs that combine in-person and online learning, Adrian is changing the traditional delivery model. Students still take the majority of their courses in person and participate in the fantastic on-campus experience we have delivered for hundreds of years. But, by offering a subset of courses online, we can provide students with the following:

  • Collaboration with leaders from Harvard to Google.
  • A portfolio of projects built with leading employers.
  • Preparation for an increasingly remote workforce.
  • Career guidance and feedback from actual hiring managers.

As the world moves more online, Adrian is committed to using the changing world to actually improve the college experience and ensure our graduates are more prepared than ever before. 

Powered by Rize Education

Rize Education provides the technology platform that enables small private colleges like Adrian to collaborate on degree programs in high-demand fields. They've allowed us to move quickly to provide students with relevant options every year.

  • Start new degrees quickly to provide high-ROI pathways to employment.
  • Partnerships with top companies and academics that historically only work with larger universities.
  • Maintain in-person instruction in the majority of students' courses.
  • Give students a formative 4-year, on-campus experience that leads to a great job.

You can learn more about Rize education here.

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