The web development certificate at Adrian College intends to provide students with hands-on knowledge in programming and web application development. Students will learn the essential IT tools and concepts to develop their own web applications preparing them for jobs as software and web developers. In this certificate, the application development sequence of courses helps students explore web application using Django - a Python-based framework used in the creation of complex data-driven websites. Students learn the features and particularities of Django, as well as the basics of web applications including HTML, the Request Response structure, database management, and the internal structure of servers. Students build a web application to post classified ads, plan and build their own unique web applications. The course heavily emphasizes project-based learning. In the “PostgreSQL” course, students learn PostgreSQL and use it to manage databases and support application development and integration.

Courses & Curriculum

(24 Hours)
*Completion of Level I – Computing Certificate (12)
CIS250 Advanced Web-Based Programming (3)
CS283 PostgreSQL (3)
CS311 Application Development I (3)
CS312 Application Development II (3)

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