The Bachelor of Science and the Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science provides substantial coverage of the fundamental areas of computer science theory, data structures and algorithms, concepts of programming languages, and software development. In addition, it exposes students to a wide range of areas of Computer Science which include computer architecture and organization, operating systems, computer networks, and security. The program combines theoretical, technical, professional, and general education concepts that prepares students for computing and IT careers and further study in the computing discipline. It is recommended that for the capstone project in computer science students engage with a local industry through the career planning institute at Adrian College to work on solving a computing problem to gain experiential learning in the discipline.

The Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science, developed in collaboration with Google, provides a substantial coverage of the fundamental areas of computer science and focuses more on applied concepts with a concentration on web application development and culminates with a product launch in the Practicum course.

We rebuilt computer science programs from the ground up to provide students with the skills and portfolio necessary to get a job after graduation. And, that job is likely to be a good one with the median salary for software developers being over $110,000 in 2020.

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