The BBA in Supply Chain Management includes the strong business core courses found in all BBA degrees with a focus on content needs for supply chain.

This degree brings together concepts from finance, economics, and logistics. Courses equip students with skills in these areas and build organizational, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills. Communication and interpersonal relationships are also essential in this field. Examples of courses include Information Technology and Project Management, Production and Operations Management, Forecasting and Logistics, Sourcing and Operations, and Supply Chain Simulations.

Every business needs supplies and relies on materials and resources to complete larger tasks or to pass along to the end user. Supply Chain managers focus on just in time delivery to reduce overhead while ensuring product availability to reduce down-time. As citizens we recognized the challenge or inconvenience if products are not available, but in business, these inconveniences translate directly to jobs, production, and money. Positions may be found in inventory management, transportation, material handling, sourcing, purchasing, manufacturing, engineering, IT, robotics, and more.

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