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Level I Applied Computing Certificate

The level I - Applied Computing Certificate at Adrian College introduces students to the field of Computer Science and provides essential IT skills needed for entry level IT jobs. This certificate consists of four courses. The “Introduction to Computer Science” course which provides a thorough introduction to Computer Science and simulates students' interest in IT and computing fields. The sequence of Python programming courses, “Programming for Everyone I” and “Programming for Everyone II,” provide students with the necessary tools to learn Python Programming with an emphasis on data analytics concepts taught in the second course. Finally, the Web Development course helps students learn the basics of web programming using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. In this course, students develop a real website for a product of their choosing. Upon the completion of the level I - Applied Computing Certificate, the students will be empowered with the fundamental skills required for entry level software development and/or web development IT jobs. Through active learning and project-based learning, students will have a better understanding of the Computer Science fields, and gain the necessary skills to enter the IT job market. In addition, the level I – Applied Computing Certificate is the foundation for the Web Development, the Level II - Applied Computing Certificates and the Data Management and Information Technology Certificate. These advanced certificates will help students gain more in-depth knowledge in Web Development and Applied Computing.

Courses & Curriculum

(12 Hours)
CS101 Introduction to Computer Science (3)
CS103 Programming for Everyone I (3)
CS104 Programming for Everyone II (3)
CS110 Web Development (3)

Level II Applied Computing Certificate

The level II – Applied Computing Certificate offered at Adrian College provides students with skills in four main areas: data science, web development, databases and software engineering. This certificate builds on the concepts learned in the level I – Applied Computing Certificate. In the “Introduction to Data Science” course, the students will learn the data science pipeline steps and practice data analytics using Excel and Python Data Analytics tools. In the “Advanced Web-based Programming” course, students will learn how to create static and dynamic web sites and web applications using PHP, a server-side scripting language. In addition, the students will use their prior knowledge from the “Programming for Everyone II” course to connect databases with web applications using SQL. The “Software Engineering” Course introduces students to the fundamental and general technique concepts in software engineering. The “Database Management Systems” course provides students with the necessary tools to manage, design, program and secure database systems.

Courses & Curriculum

(25 Hours)

*Completion of Level I – Computing Certificate (12)
CIS201 Introduction to Data Science (3)
CIS201L Introduction to Data Science Lab (1)
CIS250 Advanced Web-Based Programming (3)
CS242 Data Structures (3)
CS380 Database Design (3)

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