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The environmental professions are a diverse assemblage of multidisciplinary fields, each of which provides an important role in protecting human health and the environment.

Those individuals working as environmental professionals or academicians have a broad range of educational specializations but all share a fundamental background in the environmental sciences. The Environmental Studies/Science program provides students a strong foundation in the environmental sciences, as well as experiential learning in the field and laboratory setting, and through the Senior Research capstone requirement. All of these experiences prepare graduates for careers as environmental professionals and graduate studies in both technical and non-technical fields.

The program offers the degrees of Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Science and Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies. The Environmental Science degree is recommended for those students desiring to pursue a technical environmental career or graduate study in the natural sciences. The Environmental Studies degree is recommended for those students desiring to pursue a non-technical environmental career or graduate study in the humanities or social sciences. Both degrees offer core and cognate programs that build strong backgrounds in environmental science and the natural sciences, which are fundamental to all the environmental professions.

Recognizing that environmental careers require skills developed in other academic areas, students pursuing either the Environmental Science or Environmental Studies degree are required to complete a second major in another academic field. Related internships are strongly recommended.

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