The Criminal Justice program prepares students to be adept and knowledgeable professionals within the field.

Consistent with the mission and principles of Adrian College, students will deepen their ability to engage in thoughtful, caring and inclusive actions as individuals committed to human rights and constitutional remedies. The strong liberal arts tradition of the College provides the academic foundation for a program emphasizing social action, peace and justice.

In focusing their studies on a particular emphasis within the criminal justice system, students will gain a specialized understanding of the legal process, the correctional system, or principles of law enforcement. Along with a comprehensive understanding of criminal offending, criminal justice data, and criminological theory, the program will prepare students as well-trained and highly-educated practitioners.

A degree in Criminal Justice prepares undergraduates for the multitude of careers available within law enforcement, legal work, and corrections. Some examples include: (1) police officer; (2) attorney; (3) probation officer; (4) security analyst; (5) federal law enforcement officer; (6) paralegal; (7) corrections officer; (8) intelligence analyst; and (9) victim advocate.

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