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Other Information

Third Party Account Information

Adrian College cannot release the details of a student’s account to anyone other than the student, even though the parent may be paying the bill, due to the Privacy Act (FERPA). Please have your student contact us with any questions.

Students may fill out a Waiver of Release of Information at AC-FormsProcessor. This form must be filled out by the student and brought to the Cashiers office. This waiver will remain in force throughout your enrollment at Adrian College, unless cancelled or changed by the student.

For information on the FERPA law, please go to

Tuition Bill Summary

Base Tuition

The base tuition rate can be found by going to the Financial Aid website.

Course Lab Determined Fees

If it is determined that a course needs special technologies and/or equipment in order to run at an effective level, the department that the class resides in proposes for that specific class to have a lab fee attached to it.

Residence Hall Accommodations

Visit the Housing Information website for rate information.

Fines and Penalties

Sometimes, over the course of the year, a student may incur some extra charges on his or her bill. These fees usually arise when a person has outstanding parking tickets, room damages, or past due library books.


Any credit to an account, be it through a check, wire transfer, credit card, or a dispersion of financial aid, shows up in the decrease column on the student bill.

Financial Aid

Aid appearing on your bill is based upon the number of credits on your current schedule. If your financial aid award letter contains aid not on this bill, you may need additional course credits to receive the full award package. If additional credits are added, get a revised billing statement online. If you are carrying a full course schedule and aid is not on your bill, contact the Financial Aid Office at (517) 264-4306 or


Financial Aid not on your billing statement reflects incomplete Financial Aid or payments from sources outside the college (tuition vouchers, outside scholarships, alternative loans). Until application is complete or monies come in they will not be on your statement.

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