Psychology, the scientific study of human behavior, is an exciting field which encompasses a wide variety of interests related to understanding how and why individuals think and behave the way that they do.

Topics include cognition, development, psychological disorders, emotions, health, interpersonal relationships, learning and memory, perception, prejudice, and social behavior. Careers in psychology include therapy, research, teaching, or applied settings such as schools and offices.

The Psychology Department at Adrian College offers a breadth of classes with small class sizes to give students a solid background in the discipline, and to give students opportunities to find their own favorite areas of interest in psychology. At the same time, students gain a depth of knowledge in conducting their own psychological research. Many students even go on to present their findings at conferences. Psychology students gain skills in critical thinking, communication, and data analysis.

Psychology graduates from Adrian College have a variety of doors open to them including management, research, social services, and community outreach. Students can also continue on to graduate school to become professional psychologists in fields such as clinical psychology, experimental psychology, or sport psychology. Adrian College graduates have attended Michigan schools such as University of Michigan, Eastern Michigan University and Wayne State University, and out-of-state schools such as University of Arizona, Northern Illinois University, University of Georgia, University of California - Santa Cruz, Valdosta State University, University of Memphis, and Bowling Green State University.

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