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We blend academic preparation, practical application and personal attention.

All of our students receive a strong foundation in the biological sciences, including human anatomy, human physiology, exercise physiology and kinesiology. On the practical side, you'll have a variety of internship opportunities at recognized clinics, corporations and fitness centers throughout the Midwest. In your senior year, you'll collect and analyze data as part of a senior research project that you'll present and potentially even publish.

Our Exercise Science major is an excellent choice for students who want to enter careers in fitness training, sports performance, and healthcare.

Exercise science is a multifaceted field focusing on the general and clinical effects of physical activity on the human body. Our majors are designed to blend academic rigor with practical application. Coursework in anatomy and physiology provide a foundation for the many structural, functional and biomechanical changes examined in courses such as exercise physiology and kinesiology. Additional study in a range of subjects from sports nutrition to exercise testing and prescription will provide the student with a well-rounded understanding of the role of exercise in optimizing health, physical performance and injury prevention.

On the practical side, our students are provided ample opportunity to apply classroom knowledge in a variety of settings. Laboratory work is designed to provide hands-on learning, technical skills and research opportunities using some of the latest technology in the field. Clinical rotations and internships in fitness facilities, athletic training spaces, hospitals and outpatient clinics allow students to gain valuable experience in varied environments with diverse populations. Such experiences are vital for employment following graduation and postgraduate studies.

To date, over 95% of our students have been admitted to graduate programs.

Mission Statement

The departmental mission for all of our undergraduate students is to develop creativity and critical thinking skills required of responsible professionals in order to develop and improve the health and wellness of those in the local and global communities. By incorporating academic disciplines from across campus and hands-on experiences both in and out of the classroom, the department prepares students with a blend of academic diversity and practical application.

The Department of Exercise Science and Athletic Training (ESAT) offers undergraduate majors in exercise science and physical education, as well as a graduate degree track in athletic training via the exercise science major. Within the exercise science major there are three tracks: exercise science, pre-professional (intended for graduate school preparation), and exercise science/pre-athletic training, which leads to the graduate program in athletic training.

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