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Off-campus feel. On-campus convenience.

Our apartment complexes give students all of the amenities of living away from campus. With private bedrooms, kitchens, these apartments have everything a student needs.

College View North

These two-person apartments are located right across Williams St. from the Caine Student Center. The interior of the complex has a courtyard with picnic tables, perfect for having a cook-out and playing yard games. Each apartment has a private bathroom and separate bedrooms, and amenities such as a kitchenette and wireless internet access.

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College View North

College View South

The 4-person apartments have plenty of room for you and your friends to make your own. Attached to the full kitchen is a bar for dining and a spacious living room for relaxing. Each apartment has a private bathroom with free laundry facilities, and each student has a personal bedroom. There is wireless connectivity throughout the complex, as well as Ethernet ports in every room.

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College View South

College Court

This complex’s close proximity to the Merillat Sport & Fitness Center and the Performance Stadium make it the perfect place to hang out before a game. Each apartment houses 2 students, features a full kitchen and dining area, and a private bathroom. Laundry facilities are coin operated and located inside the building.

College court

College Court

Argyle Apartments

Across from Cargo Hall, the Argyle Apartments are just down the street from Adrian College’s athletic facilities. Each apartment houses 2 students, has a large living room, a kitchen, private bath and a dining area.


Argyle Apartments

Brick Apartments

Just in front of the College View South apartments, the Brick Apartments offer three different options: one, two and three person apartments. Each apartment has a living room, a full kitchen, private bath and a dining area.

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Brick West

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