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Counseling Services

Counseling focuses on helping to develop a sense of competence, learning to meet increased or different academic and social demands, resolving interpersonal conflicts, managing drug/alcohol related problems, depression or anxiety, resolving losses, and many other areas of concern. If a student feels that they would benefit from a long-term counseling relationship, the Director of Counseling can assist them with a referral to an off-campus, local professional organization, to further help them in their self-care journey. This decision is usually made following an assessment by the counselor and student.

Booking Appointments


Counseling services are also provided on-campus with our Licensed Professional Counselor, Kellie Berger.  Telemedicine appointments are also available.

Schedule your appointment here.

Privacy for Telemedicine Appointments

Students may find it difficult to find a private or quiet location where they can openly speak during their virtual appointments. For this reason, students may request a private location for their virtual appointments so they feel comfortable discussing their concerns openly with their provider. Details on this can be found below:

Instructions on Requesting a Private Location for Virtual Appointments

Off-Campus Counseling Services

Students seeking off-campus counseling services may research the following list of providers:

Lenawee County Counseling Services

This list is not an exclusive list of all the options available in Lenawee County; students are welcome to complete their own research for services. If a student is wanting to establish care with off-campus counseling services, they are welcome to call the health center for help with setting up their initial appointment. We can also assist with offering a safe and confidential space for students to complete paperwork or obtain assistance in establishing care off-campus.

Self-Help Counseling Workbooks

Are you interested in having free access to private, self-guided mental health workbooks that will allow you to explore mental and behavioral health topics at your own pace, and in your own private and safe environment?

Please help yourself to these resources below, and be sure to check back for new workbooks to be added.

•••Insurance is not billed for counseling appointments, nor are there any additional fees for students. All discussions between counselors and students are confidential, and no information can be released to anyone within the College, or outside of it, without the student’s written request. This is in keeping with the ethics code of the American Psychological Association. The legal exception would be if a student is deemed a danger to themselves or others, or are abusing minors or elders.•••

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