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Please complete the form entirely. The information will be reviewed and a staff member will be assigned to the task.

Please be sure that materials provided are in FINAL FORM, checked for errors and proofread for accuracy.

Please allow sufficient time for projects to be completed: for major projects, up to FOUR (4) weeks notice is required; at least TWO (2) weeks notice for smaller projects. We request at least FIVE (5) days advance notice for print requests, if possible.

For print requests, there is a minimum of 40 copies and a maximum of 500.

The complexity of the job will affect the time of completion. Additional time may be required and will be indicated at the time of the request. Note: all print and design project timelines will be reviewed by the director of public relations prior to the start of the project.

All projects must allow for 3-5 weeks development, with additional time required for off-campus printing and delivery. Project complexity and turnaround will be determined by the Office of Marketing and Public Relations. To discuss project specifications, please contact Sarah Symington (

By submitting this form, you agree that you have read and completed the form entirely.

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