Future Students

Do you have the "Bulldog Mentality?"

We are a campus of confidence, heart and determination. This isn't your average college experience -- we are distinctive. We are made up of achievers, believers, entrepreneurs and leaders. More than simply a "small college," we are the roots of change.

It's being a scholar, an innovator and a humanitarian -- more than just a number.

It's making friends, building a network and landing the job. It's the experience of a lifetime and it's who we are.

We know you'll find your fit here.

Our campus is its own textbook, with page after page of growth and opportunity.

From the richly landscaped campus mall to the historic architecture of our founding structures, you'll find a beautiful environment to learn and achieve.

Our hallways echo with lectures from years gone by; our stages explode with heart-pounding performances. State-of-the-art athletic facilities and faculty who know you by name are certain to remind you that your experience at Adrian College is anything but ordinary.

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