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Meal Plans

Traditional Plans are required for all first semester freshman students.

They are for that person that wants to know that their meals will be there all semester. Each plan has a set number of meals each week. At the end of the week, your meal total is reset and ready to start anew. Traditional meal plans cannot be shared and you can only use one meal at a time. In addition, each Traditional Plan comes with Dining Dollars. These dollar amounts are per semester and can be used to purchase meals in Ritchie Marketplace, all Caine Student Center dining options and at designated off-campus restaurants and merchants.

There are five different Traditional Plans to choose from:

  • Unlimited Meals with $300 Dining Dollars 
  • 18 Meals with $100 Dining Dollars
  • 14 Meals with $100 Dining Dollars
  • 9 Meals with $100 Dining Dollars
  • 7 Meals with $100 Dining Dollars

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