AC student fashion show, ‘Manifest the Runway,’ to be held in Hickman Gallery

Posted Thursday, March 21, 2024
Author: Mickey Alvarado

Fashion trends are ever changing and to keep up with new styles many keep an eye on the youth of the world, in the most exquisite and happening locations. Adrian College’s young Fashion Merchandising students selected the Hickman Gallery in the Mahan Center for Art and Interior Design on the campus of Adrian College to feature their interpretations of what’s new and upcoming, in a fashion show they call “Manifest the Runway,” scheduled for 7 p.m. on Wednesday, March 27. The event is free and open to the public.

Models will walk down the tall, circular staircase just inside the Hickman Gallery’s main entrance with the audience watching from the main floor. Emcees will provide upbeat and dramatic music for the runway show, which is expected to last approximately 45 minutes.

Vincent Yu, Adrian College Assistant Professor of Fashion Merchandising, had his students create a fashion magazine, and they selected Manifest as its title. “We can ‘manifest’ a lot of different things in our life,” Yu said. “So, the runway just took over the name and we call it Manifest the Runway.”

Themes in the fashion show include Red Carpet, A Day in Life, Love Story, Sports in Fashion, Motherland, and 7 Sins, which depicts outfits related to the cardinal sins.

“Sports in Fashion will have a mix match of items, let’s say baseball, where you wear a jersey and pair it with jeans,” Yu said. “A Day in Life will have five models, and each will present one section of a day, like in the morning, you woke up so you’re probably in pajamas, then you go to exercise and you’re wearing yoga pants, and then you go to work and wear business casual, and then you go to a party after, so you have a party dress, and then you go to sleep and wear whatever.”

The Adrian College Fashion Merchandising Program students had to source their own garments by going to thrift stores or borrowing pieces from friends.

“They had to be very resourceful to create their outfits,” Yu said. “I want my students to have the best experience. My teaching philosophy is I want them to be hands on and to experience what they will actually do when they graduate from school. And another thing is to build their portfolio. In fashion design it’s very important. Even if they’re in marketing or event planning, the fashion show and magazine can help with their portfolio.”

Yu said he joined Adrian College a couple of years ago after working as a fashion designer in New York for Marchesa and Giuseppe Zanotti. He’s originally from Taipei, Taiwan. Some Adrian residents have recognized him from the reality competition television show, Project Runway.

“The students are very creative with their projects, so I’m excited to see them on the runway,” Yu said. “The Hickman Gallery is a beautiful location for this event.”

The Hickman Gallery’s main entrance is on Williams Street. For more information about the Hickman Gallery or Adrian College’s Fashion Merchandising program, visit

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