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Touching messages of gratitude penned in books delivered to local healthcare heroes

Posted Tuesday, December 19, 2023
Author: Mickey Alvarado

Heartfelt, handwritten messages from Adrian College students to front-line healthcare workers had an immediate, positive impact when read by some of the locals who were in the trenches during the Covid-19 pandemic.

A recent featured Freligh Community Lecture Series speaker at Adrian College, author Bob Delaney, autographed some of his new books, “Heroes are Human, Lessons in Resilience, Courage and Wisdom From the COVID Front Lines,” for healthcare workers at the ProMedica Charles and Virginia Hickman Hospital and many were moved by the personal messages written in them by Adrian College students.

Adrian College President Jeffrey Docking’s Leadership Class students wrote personal notes of gratitude in 100 books that were purchased by an anonymous donor for the healthcare workers.

“When the healthcare workers read our student notes it was obvious to me, they were touched by the thoughts of kindness,” Docking said. He attended the event to support Delany during the book signing, and to personally tell some of the workers thank you for everything they did during the pandemic.

Delaney’s book honors front-line healthcare workers, recounting first-hand stories of their struggles through the pandemic, so when asked, he was happy to carve out some time from his busy schedule to meet local healthcare workers at a book signing.

“We need to tell those front-line healthcare heroes how much their valiant efforts are appreciated,” Docking said. “Every one of us owes a debt of gratitude to those who care for the people we love!”

Adrian College student William Smith wrote, “I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. You risked your life for our nation’s safety and that is the highest form of courage and bravery. My dad had covid and without a transfusion he would have passed away. I want to say thank you for keeping my family and families across America safe through the toughest of times. Thank you!”

Many students mentioned the countless hours the workers spent caring for others, and how much they appreciated the many sacrifices the workers made.

Seneca Craven wrote, “I know you don’t know me, but your impact on my life has been insurmountable. The work that you do is so selfless and kind and takes such skill and determination that I want you to know it does not go unnoticed! You are seen. You are so loved! A thousand words cannot make up the gratitude that I, and everyone I know has for you! Thank you for your long nights and sacrifice for me!”

Chloe Burt shared a personalized note with a worker she didn’t know but could relate to, writing, “I understand your stress and challenges you have faced in your heroic career choice. I worked as a care aid during covid and the amount of time I broke down in my car after a shift was insane. I hope you know how amazing and important you truly are… To many, you are a superhero. To me, you are an inspiration… Not many people in this world can do the job you do.”

A note simply signed, “Sam,” sums up what many of the students tried to put into words: “To whoever received this book, thank you. The line of work you have chosen to go into is so selfless and can only be done by a certain type of person. Personally, my mother works at Hospice. Some days she comes home crying because of a death or because of how stressful and chaotic the day was. I bring her up because she is my hero. The dedication and motivation she has is unmatched and I can confidently say that is the same type of person you are. You deserve the world, and the world doesn’t give you all enough appreciation. Without you, there would be no us. This world would fall apart if we didn’t have people like you who give up so much for us. On behalf of everyone who doesn’t show you enough love and appreciation, Thank You!”

In the preface of Delaney’s book, he writes, “I had spent three years working undercover infiltrating the Mafia as a young New Jersey state trooper… Suffice it to say that I learned firsthand about the disruptive, potentially long-term effects of traumatic events on one’s well-being, and the need to be aware of the enormous levels of stress we experience. That is why I felt moved to investigate the emotional turmoil I knew would be taking place, and to spend time with those on the Covid front lines in order to convey their selfless and noble efforts. My hope is that the stories and insights from others in ‘Heroes Are Human’ will be a comfort to those who have risked their health and lives to care for those stricken by a ruthless virus, and to their families and friends as well.”

“The work those healthcare professionals do is nothing short of miraculous,” Docking said. “We wish them the best and hope this small gesture of appreciation lifts their spirits during the holiday season!”

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