Incoming Adrian College students get a ‘Sneak Peek’

Posted Tuesday, July 18, 2023
Author: Mickey Alvarado

More than 1,000 incoming students and family members attended Adrian College’s “Sneak Peek Day” for an early look around campus on Friday, July 14. The annual event offers incoming freshmen an opportunity to check out campus accommodations, student life activities and connect with different departments before classes officially begin in August.

Adrian College had 382 of its expected 600 new students register for a sneak peek.

“It was a pleasure to see so many new faces on campus and witness their enthusiasm for exploring our campus accommodations and student life activities,” said Frank Hribar, Adrian College Vice President of Enrollment and Student Affairs. “This strong turnout is indicative of the excitement surrounding Adrian College. We anticipate a robust incoming class of 600 students for the upcoming 2023-2024 academic year.”

Administration and staff members were on hand to answer any questions and discuss the upcoming fall semester, so students will feel comfortable when they return for Welcome Week, Sunday, August 13. Classes begin on Monday, August 21.

“Ultimately, Sneak Peek Day is about creating connections and building relationships,” Hribar said. “We want each of our new students to leave campus feeling inspired, motivated and confident about their on-boarding process. Our goal is to showcase the unique opportunities that await them at our institution, help them prepare for Welcome Week, and envision the transformative educational journey that lies ahead.”

Visitors were able to check out the Arrington Bookstore, peek inside Ritchie Marketplace for a look at its new interior renovations, and tour campus facilities and the freshman quad.

Ainslee Hewitt of Traverse City was all smiles during the event and said she chose Adrian College because of its hometown feel.

“For me, Adrian felt the most like home, after touring all these colleges for golf,” she said. “The golf team, the girls, just made it feel wonderful, and coach Greenwood is amazing.”

Her father, Kipp Hewitt, was very happy with the college she chose.

“She came from a big school, and I think she really likes smaller classes,” he said. “Her class size will be cut in half.”

“Being able to have that one-on-one with a professor, I think is super important, because you’re not just a number, you’re someone special to them,” Ainslee said.

Onsted High School graduate Matthew Cunningham said he wanted to stay close to family and home, and that made Adrian College a good fit for him.

“They have the classes I wanted, and sports programs too,” he said.

Cunningham will major in civil engineering and run on the Bulldogs’ track and field team. He’s also going to try out for the soccer program.

Adrian College President Jeffrey Docking welcomed the incoming students and told them they should be excited and proud.

“It’s such a great, cool, amazing transformative time in your life,” Docking said. “Begin by just embracing the moment. It’s absolutely exciting! You should be so incredibly proud for putting yourselves in a situation where you could be sitting here today.”

Docking also gave a nod to the amount of effort it took for the parents to send their children off to a quality college.

“To raise kids so they can go to a school like this is fantastic. I tip my cap to every parent in this room,” Docking said. “Well done!”

During the day, incoming students were able to have their college ID photo taken and obtain their fall class schedules. Students also had the opportunity to meet their new roommates.

Darrius Welch came from Lansing to Adrian College to play basketball and study sports management. His dad, Darrell, said the family was very comfortable with Darrius’ final decision to attend Adrian College.

“We all felt this is the best move for him,” Darrell said.

Former Milan High School Big Red football quarterback Brady Bovenkerk was more than happy to become a Bulldog.

“Football was one of the big reasons I chose Adrian College, I’m not going to lie,” Bovenkerk said. “But then, also the business aspect of education. I want to study marketing, and entrepreneurial studies.”

Clinton High School graduate Grant Stockford decided to join Adrian College to play basketball. He said Adrian College edged out the other colleges he was looking at, and his mother Jill agreed.

“I let him pick wherever he felt like he was going to be home away from home,” she said. “And this is where he felt like that was going to happen.”

Docking concluded his speech by telling the students to reach out for help if they need anything.

“Have a great transition. Stay in touch with vice president Hribar and his staff, or your coaches or whomever so we can help in any way. We don’t always bat .1000. Sometimes the little blades of grass do bend over the sidewalk.”

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