Adrian College stands out among national peers in providing affordable education

Posted Tuesday, June 27, 2023
Author: Mickey Alvarado

ADRIAN — Being one of fewer than 150 institutions recently selected as an Affordable College of Distinction, Lori Kosarue, Adrian College’s Assistant Vice President of Enrollment and Financial Aid, said the honor was very gratifying given the fact that she and her team have helped numerous families get their student into college by finding ways to reduce the overall financial debt that comes with a degree.

“We have been able to help families and consistently keep our enrollment numbers up despite falling enrollment across the country due to rising interest rates and other factors, including students postponing or even opting out of a college degree, because of what we offer at Adrian College — an affordable, quality education taught by people who truly care,” Kosarue said. “We are very proud others are recognizing our efforts.”

The “affordable” recognition comes from Colleges of Distinction, a guide for college-bound students. Tyson Schritter, the Chief Operating Officer at Colleges of Distinction, emphasized the significance of addressing today’s cost of higher education.

“For new students, the ability to finance their education is a very reasonable concern,” Schritter said. “Adrian College has demonstrated its commitment to ensuring manageable student debt and empowering career opportunities.”

Adrian College Vice President of Enrollment and Student Affairs, Frank Hribar, said it was a true honor to have Adrian College acknowledged as an Affordable College of Distinction.

“This distinction is a testament to our ongoing commitment to making higher education accessible and affordable for students from all backgrounds,” Hribar said. “We will continue to explore innovative ways to enhance affordability while maintaining the high quality of education that Adrian College is known for. We are proud of our students’ achievements and will continue to support their success through comprehensive financial aid offerings, personalized counseling, and career development opportunities.”

Schritter said Adrian College stands out as a unique and cost-effective choice for students.

“Our evaluation factors in various cost-related aspects,” Schritter said. “It is essential for us to recognize that students come from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds. Thus, our methodology incorporates weighted variables that consider family income relative to net price.”

The selection process relies on institutional data provided by the U.S. Department of Education, specifically focusing on low net prices proportionate to student household income.

In addition to net price, Colleges of Distinction considered median debt and mean earnings data of graduates, factoring in location, size, public/private affiliation status, and the percentage of Pell Grant recipients. These criteria, Schritter said, collectively positioned Adrian College among the most affordable institutions.

“Our Affordable Colleges of Distinction are not just about a low-price tag; they epitomize a significant return on a student’s investment,” Schritter said. “Adrian College has exemplified that an engaging, real-world education can be accessible without a hefty financial burden.”

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