Athletic Training Program Professional Development: Avon, NY

Posted Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Adrian College’s Athletic Training Student Organization had the opportunity last summer to send thirteen students to attend an eight-hour course at Sports Medicine Concepts (SMC) inAvon, New York. Over a two-day period, students worked with SMC, a company created by MikeCendoma. SMC specializes in emergency readiness training and interprofessional athletic healthcare for athletic trainers, EMTs, and emergency room physicians and nurses.

The organization works with the NFL to provide the same training given to all 32 NFL football teams.

Students learned athletic life-saving skills in a stressful, realistic, but safe environment. They were reminded that simulation provides the best conditions to take chances, try skills, and learn from mistakes. Spencer Furlich, an AthleticTraining student, describes his experience preparing for the trip: “I worked with our AthleticTraining program’s faculty, selecting topics we would learn about while we were at SportsMedicine Concepts.” Furlich learned a lot of new skills regarding emergency medicine. These skills aren’t something students get to practice often in the classroom setting.

This beneficial opportunity would not have been possible without the relationships the AT faculty have created since the program’s beginning. Professor Liberi explains, “People like Darryl Conway and our head athletic trainer Jamie Fetter have made countless connections that have led to so many intangible benefits [and] educational and career opportunities for our students, faculty, and alumni.” Furlich reflects on how this trip has “immensely benefited my future practice as an AT, as I was able to make some great connections with the staff in addition to learning some tips that will benefit my career, both professionally and personally.” Prof. Liberi concludes, “We are grateful for our entire community.”

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