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College is an investment in you and your future. We offer an abundance of scholarships and financial aid to make your educational experience at Adrian College affordable. In fact, Money Magazine recognized Adrian College as a "Best Value College." Boasting a personalized approach to your education and your financial aid package, Adrian College's Office of Financial Aid offers individualized assistance to help you understand your options.

We'd like to think of it as assuring you of a sound success story -- personally and professionally.

All federal aid programs require filing the FAFSA.

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Federal Pell Grant

The Pell Grant Program, established in 1972, was the first program in which the federal government, rather than the institution, determined the grant recipient. The program provides need-based grants according to the FAFSA information reported. To apply for a Federal Pell Grant, complete the FAFSA.

Funding levels are determined by the federal government and awarded amounts are subject to change per state determination and can be adjusted at any time during the year.

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Federal Parent Loan (PLUS)

Adrian College is processing PLUS loans through the William D. Ford Direct Loan program. This federal loan enables parents to borrow directly from the federal government up to the cost of attendance, minus any financial aid. 

To apply for the Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students (PLUS), please click on the following link: studentloans.gov. The parent can then login with their FSA ID and complete the application. Please complete the PLUS Loan Master Promissory Note along with the PLUS Application. In addition to the PLUS loan Master Promissory Note and Application, a PLUS loan Certification Page is required. To obtain these documents please visit the “Required Documents” tab.  The PLUS Loan must be reapplied for each academic school year.

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Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG)

Adrian College participates in the Federal SEOG program, established in 1965. This grant is awarded to students who qualify for a Pell Grant and still have unmet needs beyond that met by other grant programs. Funds are very limited.

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Federal College Campus Employment

The Federal College Campus Employment Program was established in 1964 as a form of “self-help.” Students with a large need can obtain an on-campus job assignment to help defray college costs. Students who do not qualify for this program may receive assistance in locating other employment.

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Federal Direct/ Stafford Student Loan

Adrian College is processing Stafford loans through the William D. Ford Direct Loan program. In order to complete your Stafford Master Promissory Note (MPN) and Entrance Counseling, please click on the following link: studentloans.gov. Once there, the student can login by clicking the blue “Log In” button on the top right, and entering the FSA ID. Once signed in, please complete both the Stafford Loan Entrance Counseling and the loan agreement for subsidized/unsubsidized loan (MPN). Both items must be completed before your loans can be processed.

The maximum student loan is $5,500 per year for freshmen, $6,500 for sophomores and $7,500 per year for juniors and seniors. The type of loan (subsidized or unsubsidized) depends on parental and student income and the amount of financial aid awarded. The Unsubsidized Stafford Loan begins to accrue interest as soon as the loan is disbursed. For the Subsidized Stafford Loan, the Department of Education pays the interest while the student is in school. Repayment is deferred until six (6) months after the student ceases to be enrolled in college at least half-time. The repayment period can be as long as 10 years.

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Michigan Tuition Grant

The Tuition Grant Program, established in 1966, provides need-based grants to Michigan residents attending private colleges in Michigan. Half-time students are also eligible.

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Tuition Incentive Program - Phase 2

Foster Futures Scholarship 

Verification Deadline

For any student who is selected for verification prior to October 1, the deadline to complete verification is October 31.

Any student who is selected for verification after October 1 has 30 calendar days to complete verification.

Feel free to contact the Office of Financial Aid directly and immediately if you have questions concerning your deadline (finaid@adrian.edu).

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