The College of the Future - Hybrid Technology

As Adrian College embarks on its next major initiative, The College of the Future, one of the first projects associated with this effort is the updating of 85 classrooms on campus to equip them with hybrid technology. Students who are ill, student-athletes on a trip, or students attending a conference/program/contest will never have to miss another class with the addition of this technology.

Students who attend classes remotely will have a vastly improved experience due to the updated network ready classroom cameras and microphones, the integration with YouTube for multi-feed live streams and recordings, and the opportunity for professors to add these streams and recordings to our learning management system (Blackboard).

Students who attend classes in-person will also have an improved experience because of the new 86” high definition TVs and laser projects, as well as the updated high definition audio microphone array speakers.

The hybrid classrooms will also offer simplified technology for our faculty through an easy turn on/off touch panel, a permanent desktop computer that offers no set-up,  and a one touch “ask for assistance” feature that is sent to the IT department in case of an emergency.

The goal for this project is $1,925,000 and that will outfit all 85 classrooms with hybrid technology. To date, we have already received $255,000 and have updated eight classrooms!

For more information or to make a gift toward this important academic project, please contact Jim Mahony, Vice President for Development, at (517) 264-3104 or

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