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Adrian College is committed to the future. With the gift of a scholarship, you can help be a part of that future and create a legacy on campus. Scholarships help our students to come and stay at Adrian College and to help begin their dreams of becoming a doctor, teacher, scientist or journalist. We thank you for your consideration of helping our students for generations to come.

Endowed Scholarship

Establishing an endowed scholarship extends into perpetuity and is a great way to create a lasting legacy. Minimum gifts or pledges of $25,000 are required to fully endow such a scholarship. Also, an endowed fund can be created with lesser amounts and built over time.

Existing Endowed Scholarship Contribution

Supporting an existing endowed scholarship is a great way to honor the individual for whom the scholarship is named. Your contribution will increase the amount of funds that can be awarded on a yearly basis. 

Contributed Scholarship

Donating to a contributed scholarship will aid students by promptly utilizing the gifted resources. In addition to the largest immediate impact, some contributed scholarships can also be named. 


Anonymous donors created the ASSIST Fund on January 9, 2009. It was developed to help Adrian College students who are in good academic standing but are unable to stay in school because of an outstanding balance on their student account due to unexpected circumstances. This fund will provide assistance for the student(s) at Adrian College to register for classes and to continue work toward degree completion. 

The following criteria will be used for the ASSIST Fund: 

  • Open to all full time Adrian College students
  • Student(s) must have an outstanding balance on their account
  • Student(s) must be in good academic standing with Adrian College

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