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Each spring, the Alumni Association Board of Directors reviews nominees and selects recipients for the Alumni Awards presented at Homecoming. Individuals are nominated by alumni, faculty, family, friends, trustees, and staff. If you know someone you believe meets the criteria or should be considered, please submit his or her name and supporting information to the Office of Alumni Relations using the Alumni Award nomination form.

Distinguished Alumni Award

  • graduated at least 20 years ago.
  • regional and/or international recognition in respective career.
  • recognition for service and/or involvement in community.
  • continued involvement and/or support of Adrian College.

Young Alumni Achievement Award

  • graduated within the last 20 years.
  • displays significant promise in personal and/or professional achievement.
  • continued involvement and/or support of Adrian College.

Alumni Service Award

  • dedicated volunteer contributing time, talent and service to Adrian College.

Alumni Humanitarian Award

  • altruistic individual that reflects Adrian’s founding spirit of service to others.

Honorary Alumni Award

  • any non-alum individual who has shown extraordinary loyalty and affection for the College over time.

AC Stewardship Award

  • any current or former Adrian College employee who has demonstrated exemplary service to students and/or the College.

Outstanding Alumni Employee Award

  • alumnus/na employed with the College for at least five years
  • outstanding example of Bulldog pride
  • professional attitude and strong commitment to his/her position and goes above and beyond to benefit students/the College.

2023 Honorees

Alumni Awards

L to R: Jim Berryman '69, Ashleigh Maisano '05, Hal Craft '61, Allie Langwald '11 (posthumously), Darin Seiler, Janna D'Amico '02, and Tony Coumoundouros


Distinguished Alumni Award

Jim Berryman ’69

Jim Berryman, a distinguished alumnus of Adrian College from the Class of 1969, is the recipient of the prestigious 2023 Distinguished Alumni Award. Although retired, his remarkable career and tireless dedication to community service continue to make a lasting impact. Jim's journey includes serving in various significant roles, from his career in IT at General Motors in Flint to being a business owner in Adrian. He has held positions as the Mayor of the City of Adrian, a State Senator, and the Political Action Director for Detroit Edison. Jim has also contributed significantly to education and community development, making him a revered figure in Adrian and beyond.

Jim's career is a testament to his dedication to service and leadership. His work at General Motors and his role as a business owner in Adrian were just the beginning. Jim served as the Mayor of Adrian from 2013 to 2017 and worked tirelessly to strengthen the bond between Adrian College students and the City of Adrian, notably through the annual Comstock Christmas Riverwalk event. During his tenure as a State Senator, he championed the cause of families dealing with mental health issues and child abuse, shedding light on these critical issues.

In addition to his political and professional achievements, Jim's commitment to international relations is exemplified through the Sister City relationship he initiated between Adrian and Moriyama, Japan, in 1989. This relationship continues to thrive with annual exchanges between governmental and community members. Jim's dedication to preserving history, such as locating the lost grave sites of the 1901 tragic train crash of the Wabash, has earned him recognition and respect.

Jim Berryman's lifetime of service, leadership, and dedication to education and community development has left an indelible mark on Adrian College and the City of Adrian. His commitment to building bridges between cultures, preserving history, and advocating for the welfare of families in need reflects the values of Adrian College and inspires generations to come.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Jim Berryman finds joy in his personal life. He and his wife, Susan (Bean) Berryman, who also graduated from Adrian College in 1969, have three children: Stephen, Eric, and Julie. Being a grandfather is one of Jim's favorite hobbies, and he cherishes his role as a grandparent to granddaughters Olivia, Sophie, Violet, and Bernadette, as well as grandsons Henry and William. Jim's legacy extends beyond his family; he was granted Knighthood (Cavalier) by President Sergio Mattarella, President of the Republic of Italy, in June 2018. Jim remains actively involved as a member of the Adrian College Board of Trustees and continues his dedicated work with Mr. Ken McLaren on student housing options for Adrian College students.


Young Alumni Achievement Award

Ashleigh Maisano ’05 

Ashleigh Maisano, a distinguished alumna of Adrian College, graduated in 2005, leaving an indelible mark on both her alma mater and the corporate world. During her college years, Ashleigh was an active and cherished member of the Chi Omega Sorority, where she cultivated lifelong bonds and honed her leadership skills. Her journey beyond the college campus has been marked by remarkable success, as she ascended through the ranks at Rocket Mortgage over the course of 13 years, with the last 8 years spent in influential leadership positions.

With unwavering dedication and a commitment to excellence, Ashleigh has held pivotal roles at Rocket Mortgage, including Director, Senior Director in Banking, and Director of Business Strategy. Her stellar contributions to the organization earned her the 2022 Rocket Mortgage Award for "Best Execution in a Leadership Role," a testament to her exceptional leadership capabilities. Beyond her professional pursuits, Ashleigh also serves as the Treasurer of Chi Omega House Corp, demonstrating her ongoing dedication to her sorority and its values.

Ashleigh Maisano's influence extends far beyond her professional endeavors. She is deeply committed to giving back to her community and society as a whole. She has actively contributed to organizations such as Focus HOPE, The Gilbert Family Foundation, Make-a-Wish, and Gleaners, showing her unwavering commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of others. Ashleigh's leadership extends to her role as a recipient of the Nancy Walton Laurie Leadership Institute of Chi Omega Fraternity, showcasing her dedication to personal and professional growth.

Ashleigh Maisano's journey from Adrian College to her impressive career at Rocket Mortgage, her commitment to her sorority, her contributions to the community, and her academic achievements are a true testament to her leadership, dedication, and the values instilled by Adrian College. Her story serves as an inspiration to all who aspire to make a meaningful impact on both their professional and personal fronts. 

In addition to her remarkable career and philanthropic efforts, Ashleigh is a proud graduate of Wayne State University, where she earned a master's degree in Public Administration. She currently resides in Troy, MI, with her husband, Ocean, and their energetic twins, James and Amelia, who are 6 years old. Ashleigh's ability to balance her thriving career, education, and family life exemplifies her dedication, determination, and exceptional multitasking skills.


Alumni Service Award

Hal Craft ’61

Hal Craft, a distinguished alumnus of the class of 1961, remains an influential figure in the ATO community. His journey through life has been marked by an entrepreneurial spirit and a dedication to both sports and academics. Hal's professional journey began as he joined J.L. Hudson as the director of the employee consultation center, where he made a significant impact. Over eight years, he climbed the corporate ladder with two promotions before venturing out to start Craft-Barresi Consultants Ltd. alongside his business partner, Frank T. Barresi, in 1974. Their consultancy firm has since grown into a recognized player in the industry, reflecting Hal's commitment to excellence in the business realm.

While at Adrian, Hal was senior class president and a member of the varsity men’s tennis team from his first year in college, also serving as captain of the team and helping Adrian College record its first win in school history in a tennis match against Kalamazoo College. Hal was inducted into the Adrian College Hall of Fame in 2007. He generously supported the Craft Tennis Complex, named in memory of his parents, Lorrayne and Lilbourn Craft.

In 2009, Hal received the Distinguished Alumni Award, and in May of 2011, he was awarded a Dr. of Humane Letters.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Hal's commitment to education and leadership development is exemplary. He has been a devoted volunteer, mentor, and donor for youth programs that support these vital aspects of personal growth. As a true loyal alumnus and ATO fraternity member, Hal has served the College in many capacities, including as a trustee since 2006. In recent years, his passion for the fraternity led him to enthusiastically and strategically engage ATO alumni brothers to fund the renovation of Cornelius House, a project that has expanded to support more Greek housing initiatives, including the ASA and Chi O Sorority houses.

Hal's dedication to sports and team dynamics extended beyond his college years. He was not only a member of the track team but also co-coached the JV basketball team, demonstrating his commitment to nurturing young talent. His involvement with the Alpha Tau Omega championship intramural basketball team further showcased his leadership and teamwork skills.

His life story is a testament to his unwavering dedication to personal and professional growth, as well as his enduring commitment to the fraternity and community that shaped his path.


Alumni Humanitarian Award

Allie Langwald ’11 (posthumously)

Allie Langwald graduated from Hazel Park High School in 2007, and continued her education at Adrian College, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in 2011. While attending Adrian College, Allie studied exercise science with a plan for a career in physical therapy and was a sister in the Chi Omega Sorority.

After graduation, Allie sought out to pursue a career in sports medicine. While applying to various master's programs for physical therapy, Allie found herself subbing at a local charter school. It didn’t take long for Allie to take over the school, becoming the long-term sub in a science classroom, librarian, and volleyball coach.  At this time, Allie made a big decision and switched her career path.  She enrolled in school and finished a master's degree in physical education from Wayne State University in 2015.

Allie's time at Adrian College guided her passion for helping others. She was supported by campus staff and faculty during her time as a student. Because of the knowledge and life-altering experiences she received there, Allie was well equipped to change career paths and dedicate her life to teaching and coaching.  After receiving her teacher certification, Allie spent 6 years changing the lives of students at Hope of Detroit Academy. During her time there, she taught, wrote grants, managed the athletic department, won the 2020 Samsung Solve for Tomorrow National Championship, started the esports program, became an instructional coach, and was instrumental in the design, funding, and construction of a STEM wing and outdoor classroom at Hope of Detroit Academy. 

During the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow National Championship, Allie guided her students in identifying a solution to a real-world problem using STEM. She knew that her students had a passion to make their community a better place and she assisted them in making their passion a reality. She helped her students create an app to track and report abandoned homes and illegal dumping sites in Detroit, and forwarded the information on to community groups that lead cleanup efforts. The Green Warrior App was initiated, and has been used in Detroit since mid-2021.

Allie always spoke highly of her time at Adrian College and the education she received. Allie's greatest joy was helping others; she would be honored and humbled to have been chosen to receive such an incredible award.


Honorary Alumni Award

Tony Coumoundouros

Professor Tony Coumoundouros, a stalwart figure at Adrian College, is the recipient of the esteemed Honorary Alumni Award. With a dedicated service spanning 15 years since 2008, Tony has left an indelible mark on the college community. His multifaceted role as the Dean of Graduate Studies and Continuing Education, a   philosophy and leadership instructor, and the Chair of the Department of Philosophy, Religion, and Leadership (2017-2023) reflects his unwavering commitment to education and leadership development. Furthermore, Tony's role as the Director for the Institute for Leadership and Ethics (2019-2023) highlights his dedication to instilling ethical values in the next generation of leaders.

Tony's impact on Adrian College extends beyond the classroom. He is the visionary behind the creation of the leadership program, offering students the opportunity to major or minor in leadership—an initiative that has empowered countless students to become future leaders in their fields. Additionally, Tony co-created the Debate Series with Professor Nathan Goetting, which invites speakers to engage in open discussions on pressing and controversial topics, emphasizing the importance of free speech and open dialogue.

Tony's commitment to holistic education is evident in his creation of a Professional Life Skills class and his service as Faculty President during the challenging COVID-19 pandemic. His role as Faculty Athletic Representative for 12 years demonstrates his dedication to both academics and athletics. Tony's involvement in various committees and his provision of free leadership and ethics workshops to Adrian residents underscore his profound commitment to community engagement.

Professor Tony Coumoundouros's enduring dedication to education, leadership, and ethics has made a profound impact on Adrian College and the broader community. His tireless commitment to shaping the minds of students, fostering open discourse, and promoting wellness exemplifies the values upheld by Adrian College and its dedicated faculty. His commitment to promoting exercise and wellness extends to his involvement in afternoon programming at Lenawee County Elementary Schools and the City of Adrian. As an advisor for the National Society for Leadership and Success and a member of the American Philosophical Association, Tony continues to inspire and shape the future leaders of tomorrow, both within and beyond the Adrian College community.

Beyond his academic and professional endeavors, Tony Coumoundouros finds balance and fulfillment in his personal life. He resides in Adrian, Michigan, with his wife, Tara, and their two sons, Alex (14) and Ricky (11). Tony enjoys a diverse range of interests, including reading, exercising, and coaching CrossFit classes—a passion he has pursued since 2016.

Seilerdarin3921 min

AC Stewardship Award

Darin Seiler

Darin Seiler, a distinguished figure at Adrian College, is the Chief Information Officer responsible for overseeing Information Technology at the institution. His journey with Adrian College began in March 2019 when he joined as the Director of IT. With an impressive career spanning 23 years in the realm of information technology, Darin has made significant contributions not only to the college but also to various organizations, including First Federal Bank of the Midwest (now Premier Bank) and Sauder Woodworking. His commitment and leadership have earned him recognition, including the AC Stewardship Award, a testament to his dedication and impact.

Darin Seiler's educational journey has been marked by excellence. He earned his Masters of Business Administration degree from the University of Findlay and holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the University of Toledo. His commitment to continuous learning is evident in the variety of technical and professional certifications he holds. Beyond academia, Darin is an active member of the University of Toledo Alumni Association, the University of Findlay Alumni Association, and the Toledo Infragard Members Alliance, focusing on cybersecurity.

Darin's impact extends beyond his professional achievements. He has been a driving force behind innovative initiatives at Adrian College, particularly in implementing hybrid technology in classrooms and spearheading state-of-the-art WiFi upgrades. Darin's dedication to providing students with cutting-edge technology and resources reflects his commitment to their success. Darin Seiler's journey, from his impressive career to his commitment to advancing technology in education and his dedication to student success, exemplifies the values and excellence of Adrian College. His multifaceted role and contributions make him an integral part of the college community and a source of inspiration for all.

Outside of work, Darin resides in Archbold, OH, with his wife, Tasha, and their three children, Gavin (22), Jayden (18), and Bronsyn (14). Gavin, currently a student at Adrian College, brings a unique perspective to Darin's role, as both a parent and a professional, inspiring him daily to go above and beyond in ensuring student success on campus.


Outstanding Alumni Employee Award

Janna Roe D'Amico ’02

Janna D'Amico, an esteemed alumna of Adrian College, Class of 2002, is a shining example of dedication and commitment to her alma mater. She is the Executive  Director of the Institute for Career Planning at Adrian College, where her impact on both students and the campus community has been nothing short of outstanding. Her journey at Adrian College began as a student, and she has since held several pivotal roles,  including Admissions Counselor and Associate Dean of Student Life, before taking on her current role as Director. For her exceptional contributions and unwavering service, Janna is receiving the prestigious Outstanding Alumni Employee Award.

Janna's dedication to her role extends beyond her official title. She has served as an advisor for the Student Government Association and currently guides students as the Advisor for the National Society of Leadership and Success. She is the Co-founder and Program Coordinator for Track & Explore: A Nature Adventure with Adrian College and MIS. Her commitment to campus life doesn't stop there; she volunteers for various campus events and beautification days, actively contributing to the vibrant Adrian College community. In recognition of her outstanding service, Janna was honored with the Excellence in Service to Students Award from the National Society of Leadership and Success in 2018.

Janna is deeply involved in professional organizations that further her expertise and impact in career planning and education. She is a proud member of YP Lenawee, Job Pursuit, MCEEA (Michigan Career Educator & Employer Alliance), and NACE (National Association of Colleges and Employers). Her active involvement in these organizations underscores her commitment to staying at the forefront of career development and educational excellence.

Additionally, Janna has invested in her personal growth, earning a Certificate of Completion from the United Way Emerging Leaders Program in 2012-2013 and another from CDPI (Career Development Professionals of Indiana, INC.) for the CDPI Leadership Institute in 2012 at Purdue University Calumet.

Janna's diverse experiences and contributions, both on and off-campus, exemplify her unwavering dedication to Adrian College, its students, and her continuous pursuit of excellence. She is not only an outstanding alumna but also an invaluable asset to the college community, inspiring students and colleagues alike with her passion for career development and service.

Beyond her professional and educational pursuits, Janna D'Amico finds joy in her family life. She resides in Britton, Michigan, with her husband, Tim, and their three children, Jacob (12), Drew (9), and Karli (7). Family activities, such as walking, camping, and enjoying sports together, are cherished moments in their lives.

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