Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art

The professors in the art department practice what they teach, and they've all found success in their fields. They spend time making art and exhibiting while they continue to learn about their fields. They are passionate about teaching and they never stop learning and growing. In this way, our art professors work to be the best teachers they can be.

The studio art program offers a foundation in artistic production and visual thinking; you'll be challenged to develop your own expressive language, your own unique approach to art. You can choose to study a variety of two-dimensional and three-dimensional media including painting, printmaking, ceramics, graphic design, photography, digital art, or sculpture.

You'll also benefit from our guest artist program. Regional and national artists are invited to exhibit in the department's Valade Gallery. You'll have the opportunity to attend artists' talks, gallery openings, and learn from the artists who are valuable resources for learning and inspiration. You can also take day trips with the Adrian College Art Club (ACAC) to the Detroit Institute of Art, The Toledo Museum of Art, or the Chicago Art Institute.

The purpose of our program is to nurture our students until they reach a point when they can find their own artistic voices, their own unique styles. In our art program, we begin with your talent and then bring it together with our knowledge and experience to help you reach your potential. The result is your growth as an artist--your success.

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