The Sociology program prepares students to be well-rounded experts in social services and management.

Consistent with the mission and principles of Adrian College, students will deepen their ability to engage in thoughtful, caring and inclusive actions as individuals committed to the scientific study of human society. The strong liberal arts tradition of the College provides the academic foundation for a program emphasizing how social influences affect the behavior of, and interaction among, groups, organizations, institutions, and nations.

In focusing their studies on the "sociological imagination" within the program, students will gain a broader understanding of larger societal issues. In progressing through the curriculum, sociology majors will build the skill set most desired by employers, including: the ability to analyze data and communicate findings; an understanding of complex situations and practical solutions; and an appreciation for diversity.

A degree in Sociology prepares undergraduates for a vast array of careers, including: (1) case manager; (2) program officer; (3) educational professional; (4) community development; (5) social advocate; (6) consumer research; (7) family planning; and (8) public administration.

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