The journalism program at Adrian College, which offers a minor, emphasizes conceptual and theoretical foundations of journalism as well as the professional skills needed for success in the in-demand fields of media and communication. Students who minor in Journalism can also major in English.

The journalism minor offers students practical experience in a variety of reporting formats including basic, features, editorials, sports, investigative, enterprise, and more, and introduces students to a variety of journalism styles such as community, narrative, and social media journalism. The program also emphasizes an understanding of the journalism field through its legal and ethical frameworks and standards.

Journalism courses teach students how to conduct interviews, collect and interpret information into a story using a variety of media, and develop a breadth of knowledge in various fields informing journalism such as science, politics, economics, and social issues. The curriculum also gives students extensive practice with writing and presenting a variety of news stories and reporting pieces that demonstrate critical thinking and journalistic standards of accuracy, precision, clarity, depth and fairness.

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