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Geology is an integrated science encompassing biology, chemistry, and physics as they apply to the workings of the Earth.

This field is becoming increasingly important as society strives to meet the environmental challenges and natural resource limitations of the twenty-first century. Geology majors will develop a strong foundation in geology and cultivate research skills needed to critically evaluate current geologic issues from the scientific, environmental and political perspective as well as the ability to carry on a lifetime of learning. Students will achieve a level of competency that prepares them for jobs in industry or entrance into graduate school. Graduates of the Geology Department are currently working in the petroleum and environmental industries, at the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, as park rangers, in environmental education, and as educators in secondary and higher education.

The Geology program encompasses strong field and laboratory components that enhance classroom-learning experiences. In addition to local fieldwork, geology courses include trips to southern Ohio, West Virginia, and Maryland. This experiential learning allows students to apply principles learned in the classroom to problems in the field. The laboratory component provides an opportunity for creative problem solving and critically evaluating current issues in the geosciences. During the senior year, students undertake independent research in a capstone course which allows for the integration of geologic research with other related math and sciences disciplines.

The mission of the Geology department is to provide a firm foundation for careers related to energy, resource allocation, the environment, or for a career in teaching. The department has computer facilities, an extensive rock, mineral, and fossil collection; GIS capability; microscope lab; and a well-equipped sample preparation lab.

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