The Entrepreneurial Studies program examines the role of the entrepreneur and helps develop the basic skills set necessary for a successful start-up environment.

While it helps prepare students for productive careers in a startup environment, it does so for even larger corporations. Topics include how to develop a business model and how to write a business plan and secure funding. We focus on the process of turning an idea into an actual new product or service, which is quite a challenge requiring new tools as well as creative thinking. In addition, we also teach how to protect intellectual property, conduct business valuations, support investor relations, how to work in small teams, lead and initiate projects, obtain financing and manage risks.

As part of the Entrepreneurial Studies curriculum, students work on case studies and projects that give them interaction with the profession and provide experiential challenges. Students also prepare a major entrepreneurial project.

Many of today's technology companies are looking to hire people with entrepreneurial skills and attitudes and our graduates have found paths to both large corporations as well as small startups. Many have gone on to graduate schools and law schools.

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