We offer programs leading to a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry or Biochemistry or a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, in addition to the option to minor in either Chemistry or Biochemistry.

These degree paths open many opportunities for graduates into the chemical and biochemical sciences and related fields. Students can develop the skills to be well prepared for health studies, laboratory work or graduate studies in chemistry, biochemistry, or any related field. With study in the core sub-disciplines (analytical, biological, inorganic, organic, and physical) of chemistry, students learn to approach problems from several different perspectives. Students will utilize qualitative and quantitative reasoning, combined with problem solving skills both in the classroom, and in the laboratory, and will explore problems from more than one viewpoint. We aim to enhance the technical skills of our students by developing their critical thinking skills and increasing their ability to communicate effectively. Students are encouraged to further build their problem-solving skills and develop a better understanding of the relationship between the ideas of research, scholarship, and learning throughout the program, including research experiences, independent studies, and the capstone project.

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