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The BA in Business Administration offers a solid foundation in general business, without a specific concentration in any specific area of focus. Students will complete courses in content areas such as accounting, business law, finance, economics, math, and organizational behavior and marketing.

This degree will offer career opportunities in any business setting.

The Associate degree in Business Administration can often be completed within two years, and offers fewer business courses compared to the BBA degree. It also does not require a specialty concentration in any particular area of business, and thus serves as a general business foundation. The degree directly aligns with the BBA degree in case students choose to continue toward a bachelor's degree in business. Courses include management, marketing, accounting, and organizational management.

An Associate degree in Business Administration prepares you for an entry level position by providing general business knowledge that is needed within any industry. Every degree level has the ability to improve job opportunities and earning potential. This degree offers the flexibility to build upon this education if future needs change.

The minor in Business Administration offers knowledge of foundational business concepts. The courses included in the minor are also included in the BBA in Business Administration, allowing students to continue with a major is they wish.

The minor in Business Administration is a nice complement to any degree student who is considering starting their own business or just wishes to have a better understanding of business principles. These concepts are often beneficial for decisions regarding budgeting, hiring, teamwork, communications, and advertising.

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