Term Schedules

The current term schedule can be found here.

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  • You are required to meet with your academic advisor before or during registration.
  • All account balances must be resolved before you can register for courses.
  • For a comprehensive list of important dates, please consult the academic calendar.
  • A late registration fee will be assessed to those students not registered by the end of the normal registration period. The registration period dates are below and in the academic calendar.

Registration Schedules

Advising and Registration begins on Monday, March 27th and continues through Friday, April 7th.

The official Advising and Registration schedule is listed below. NetClassroom will open on Sunday, March 26th at midnight for Graduate students, Honors students and students over 90 credits to begin course selection.

90 credits or greater, Graduate & Honors students – Monday, March 27th and Tuesday, March 28th

54 credits or greater – Wednesday, March 29th through Thursday, March 30th

Fewer than 54 credits – Friday, March 31st through Friday, April 7th

NetClassroom will remain open for students to make scheduling adjustments through add/drop of the specific term the class is scheduled for.

It is the expectation that Advising and Registration takes place within the two-week time frame outlined above. Students and advisors must make arrangements to complete class registration and final approval of course selection. The method in which advising takes place this semester is up to you. If you need any assistance during registration, please contact the Registrar’s Office.

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