Adrian College offers a pre-seminary program for students who intend to pursue a vocation in ministry.

We understand ministry to have many expressions from pastoral leadership to social advocacy, teaching, youth ministry, music ministry, counseling, journalism, mission work, and other forms of service. The program is designed to prepare individuals to enter accredited seminaries or graduate programs and has an excellent record of placing students in the programs of their choice.

Preparation for ministry was a part of Adrian College from its beginning in 1859. The “Theological Association of Adrian College” began in 1869 as a forum for those exploring a call to ministry. The College even developed its own school of theology during the late 19th century but eventually placed this emphasis within its wider undergraduate offerings. After World War I the theological association adopted the name “Major Cole Association,” in honor of a popular Christian speaker who served as a mentor for Adrian College students.

The Adrian College pre-seminary program revolves around a vibrant student organization. This student group serves three purposes: (1) to meet regularly for mutual support and discussion regarding issues of call, (2) to provide a place for visiting seminary representatives and others with wisdom regarding different church vocations to share their experiences, and (3) to attend retreats and events that help students wrestle with God’s call to ministry. The Adrian College pre-seminary program and its accompanying student organization have received national attention as a model of vocational discernment and support.

The pre-seminary program has a special relationship with the philosophy/religion department of the College, and many of our pre-seminary students are philosophy or religion majors or minors. Yet several members of the student organization pursue majors in other academic areas. The pre-seminary program and student group welcome people of all denominations.

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