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Adrian College offers a pre-law program for students who plan to continue their studies in law school.

It is generally agreed that future lawyers need to be very broadly educated and that there is no one pattern of undergraduate preparation which is ideal for everyone who is planning to attend law school. Each student should select a major or majors which will encourage development of orderly work habits and which will sharpen the ability to think, to reason and to state ideas clearly.

Students are encouraged to meet early in their undergraduate careers with the Director of the Romney Institute for Law and Public Policy, Prof. Nathan Goetting (, so they can craft a course plan that best meets their needs and helps them learn more about the resources available to pre-law students here at Adrian College. The individual attention provided by our program assures that students will be acquainted with important concepts that will be helpful in law school while allowing students maximum flexibility to select the rest of their studies on the basis of their personal interests and aptitudes.

The two universal law school pre-requisites—good reasoning skills and good writing skills—can be developed in numerous courses in diverse majors across the curriculum here at Adrian College. The best attributes students can bring with them to law school are the ability to write eloquently and persuasively and a rigorously trained analytical mind adept at solving problems and thinking critically. These attributes can be cultivated by taking the courses listed below.

Recommended courses for all pre-law students include:

  • Political Science 101: American Federal Government (3)
  • Political Science 102: State & Local Government (3)
  • Accounting/Business Administration 305: Business Law (3)
  • Communications 300: Argumentation and Debate (3)
  • Communications 302: Persuasion (3)
  • Criminal Justice 366: Criminal Law (3)
  • Criminal Justice 393: Criminal Procedure and the Courts (3)
  • Political Science 396/Criminal Justice 396: Constitutional Law I: Powers of Government (3)
  • Political Science 397/Criminal Justice 397: Constitutional Law II: Individual Liberties (3)
  • Criminal Justice 400: Freedom of Expression and Crime (3)
  • Criminal Justice 402: Wrongful Conviction Seminar
  • Criminal Justice 403: Death Penalty Seminar
  • English 201 Persuasive Writing (3)
  • Management 360: Employment and Labor Law (3)
  • Philosophy 105: Logic (3)
  • Philosophy 201: Introduction to Jurisprudence (3)
  • Philosophy 331: Philosophy of Law (3)

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