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Incoming students for Fall 2024 are invited to register for Sneak Peek Day on Friday, July 12, 2024

Graduates of Adrian College have become physicians, pharmacists, veterinarians, physical therapists.

Adrian’s Health Professions Advising Service (HPAS) program is a service of the Institute for Health Studies. If you have questions about how Adrian College can support your long-term interests in health professions, email the Director of the Institute for Health Studies for assistance or to arrange a visit at any time.

Graduate Program

Applicants to graduate programs in the health professions (at the masters and doctoral levels) must complete specific course pre-requisites, all of which are available at Adrian College. If you perform well in the pre-requisite courses, prepare carefully for admission examinations, and develop an experience base of work or volunteerism that demonstrates your commitment to health care, professional schools will look closely at your application.

Throughout your undergraduate years, faculty and administrators at HPAS will assist you in building a quality application to professional school. Of course, it will be your job to develop the maturity and analytical skills professional schools look for, as well as to maintain top grades and test scores.

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The typical Adrian College student is anything but typical. They possess drive, ambition, initiative, spirit and a bit of moxie.


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