The M.Sc. in Computer Science program prepares our students to become competent professionals and to be ready to address complex challenges. The program exposes the students to advanced technical methods to solve challenging problems in the field of computing as well as cutting-edge research in various fields of computer science, hence equipping our students with deep understanding of core computer science principles, emerging technologies and interdisciplinary applications. Through a blend of theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience, the program empowers the students to make meaningful contributions to academia and industry by preparing them to become leaders and innovators in the field.

This M.Sc. program effectively equips students for diverse career paths, providing a solid foundation for success in both industry roles and the pursuit of advanced studies in a Ph.D. program.

Program objectives

- Develop a deep understanding of advanced concepts in computer science in the areas of algorithms, data structures, system programming, database systems, and software engineering.
- Develop a theoretical understanding and hands-on ability in advanced and emerging fields such as artificial intelligence, computer vision, image and signal processing.
- Improve critical thinking skills and capacity to address complex problems by applying advanced techniques.
- Develop and improve proficiency in software development methodologies.

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