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Job Search

Searching and applying for jobs is a job in itself. 

This process can be a long and challenging one and requires much effort, commitment and patience. The information provided below will help guide you through the process; it’s up to you to find the job that suits you!

Research shows that individuals who use multiple job search methods obtain a job faster than those who use only a few. Keep a list of all the positions to which you’ve applied, including the company and contact names.

What Can I Do to Get Prepared?

  • Update your resume and set up an appointment with the Institute for Career Planning to have it reviewed
  • Review cover letter samples with the Career Planning staff for guidance and feedback
  • Decide upon 3-4 references to list on your reference page and let these individuals know you are job hunting.
  • Make sure you have a professional voice recording on the contact phone number that you’ve listed on your resume
  • Be sure any social media profile is entirely private to outside viewing and that there is nothing inappropriate written about you or by you, including photos!
  • Be sure you have a professional/neutral email address to use. If you don’t, create a new one!

Where Can I Learn about Job Openings?

  • Networking with personal contacts (an internship supervisor, professors, family friends/professionals, neighbors, etc.)
    • Inform people that you are looking for a job.
    • Many jobs are not posted, which means that you need to inquire and talk to people to learn about opportunities!
  • Through your internship or volunteer company/organization
  • Professional associations
  • Attend career fairs
  • Key word search
  • Use an internet search engine and type in key words related to the type of position in which you are interested.
  • Sign up online! Post your resume and request to receive job listings.
  • Employers
    • Search the website of companies/organizations in which you may be interested or those that are near a location to where you may relocate. Check for open positions under “employment” or call the company to inquire of any current or future job openings. If they inform you that there are no open/future positions, ask for their advice. To whom can they refer you?
  • Classified Ads: newspapers, journals, etc.
    • Respond to ads promptly and read ads regularly.
  • Federal Government
  • Community agencies

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