Choosing a Career

For some students, choosing a career path was easy: they’ve always known what career suited them and easily chose an academic major. Others have very specific interests which has led them down a specific career path.

However, many of us have broad interests and abilities. While this is great, it can create some confusion when deciding upon a major. Some students wonder how they can begin to focus their interests. There are tools to help you decide upon a career pathway.


Here at Adrian College, we not only deliver world class education, we also use the newest and most innovative predictive science to connect each of our learners to their unique pathway for finding purpose and meaning in their education to career journey.

Think of PathwayU as your compass to find an education and a career filled with Purpose. It looks similar but PathwayU is VERY different from any stand alone assessment you have done before. PathwayU is not a skills, abilities, or aptitudes inventory. Instead, it’s a platform that gives you amazing value during all steps in your college through career journey. PathwayU is powered by a predictive algorithm to help guide you to an educational choice, help with vocational exploration and find employment pathways where you will live with the greatest sense of purpose and meaning.

There are 3 parts :

  • 20 minutes of assessments that provide immediate feedback. Use this info to know more about yourself and what drives you to success.
  • Exploration of career life after graduation. The predictive science will show you pathways by measure of finding Purpose and Meaning
  • Connection from your career matches to majors and programs of study and also... jobs.

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Set up an appointment to meet with a staff member in the Institute for Career Planning to discuss your interests. 

Job Shadow

Seek out a job shadow experience, volunteer experience or observational internship with your area of interest. The Institute for Career Planning can guide you in this process. Observing a professional in a career field in which you are interested can help you decide whether or not the career still aligns with your interests. 

Professional Internship

Seek out a professional internship. After you have decided upon a major, you may still be unclear as to which type of career you might enjoy. Not only are internships important to complete due to the competitiveness of the job market, but 1-2 internship experiences gives you real career practice so you can better understand your likes and dislikes and build on related experience.

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