Accessibility Services

Accessibility Services for Students with a Disability

Services available to students with a documented disability might include one or more of the following:

  • Note-taking services
  • Tutors, individuals or small groups
  • Voice recognition software, computers
  • Test-taking accommodations

The Academic Services staff encourages students with disabilities to develop and maintain independence; self-advocacy is strongly supported. Retention and graduation are the ultimate goals. Contact the Accessibility Services Specialist for information on academic services for a disability.


Promoting the Rights of Individuals Everywhere (PRIDE) is a student organization that aims to learn about and understand the conflicts and conquests of people with disabilities; to learn and educate PRIDE members and the AC Community about ways to support people with disabilities. PRIDE also encompasses the Special Olympics, where students and individuals with disabilities get active and compete in sports.

Please contact  Allison Hoag ( for information on upcoming meetings.

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