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Information for Students

An overview of the College’s WiFi and how you as a student can get connected as you arrive on campus

WiFi Name: Bulldog_Student

This is the campus-wide WiFi network for students.   

  • Locations: Campus Wide 
  • Device Types: Everything. Computers, Laptops, ChromeBooks, Tablets, iPads, iPhones, Android Smart Phones, Apple TV, ChromeCast, Fire Stick, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Wii, PlayStation, Roku, Smart TV, XBox, Printers, IP Cameras, Other gaming consoles, or Internet capable streaming media devices.
  • Password: Each student will receive an email from Extreme Networks with a complex passcode to use to connect any and all of their devices to the Bulldog_Student WiFi network.

WiFi Name: Bulldog_Guest

This network is designed for Non-Adrian College people to gain access to the Internet.  If you have a guest join you on campus, your parents come for a visit, or any other off-campus user may use this network. 

  • Locations: Campus Wide
  • Device Types: Computers, Laptops, ChromeBooks, Tablets, iPads, iPhones, Android Smart Phones
  • Audience: Guests and other Non-Adrian College personnel

In addition to the WiFi networks above, you may encounter a few others across campus. Briefly, here is an overview of their intended purpose:

WiFi Name: Bulldog_Staff 

Used for Adrian College staff and employees only

Updates around Campus

2022-2023 School Year Updates

  • All public computers have been upgraded from Windows 10 to Windows 11. These include the labs in Jones 304, Shipman Basement Lab, Valade Lab and 1st floor Library computers
  • All new WiFi radios were installed in each room in Cargo, Davis and Feeman Residence Halls. WiFi connectivity was streamlined by replacing multiple WiFi names with a single, easy to connect WiFi named Bulldog_Student
  • New WiFi and new ethernet wiring has been installed in 331 rooms in the Lowry, Deans, Herrick, Jarvis, and Estes Residence Halls
  • Badge ID Access Readers have been installed at Beecher Street Property, College Court Apartments, Argyle Apartments, and the Peelle Chemistry/Physics Labs. We will soon be adding readers to the Rush Mac Lab and RUsh Sound Stage.
  • 9 Michigan Ave Theme Houses and 3 Charles Street Theme Houses have been connected to the AC Network with WiFi upgrades (instead of using Comcast). We will soon be connecting additional Theme Houses on Charles, Madison, Michigan, and Inverness Streets as well as Theta Chi.
  • New 10G single mode fiber has been installed to provide 10x additional backbone bandwidth to CVN, Deans, Herrick, Lowry, Cargo, College Court Apartments, Argyle Apartments, Theme Houses on Michigan Ave and Charles Street, and the Media Production House

Changing your password

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