In 2001, the Office of Student Affairs initiated a student fund called SHARE (Student Help and Relief Effort).

The SHARE fund is intended to provide financial assistance to students for unanticipated expenses (e.g. prescriptions, medical care) and expenses that are beyond student’s means for whatever reason (e.g., clothing, toiletries). In some cases, this help can make the difference for a student having to make a choice to stay at AC or leaving the College. In other cases, the help may allow a student to focus on academic success rather than a specific barrier to that success.

Applications can be completed by any concerned party—faculty or staff—on behalf of the student and submitted to the SHARE committee. The referring staff member is asked to continue as advocate in the process so as not to require the student to share his or her story again to the committee. The faculty or staff member may be contacted by a SHARE committee member for additional information or clarification. The application or referral may be made to any of the committee members listed below. All information submitted will remain confidential and limited to committee members.

All requests for funding will be considered as different students have different needs. However, the fund is limited and in some cases, such as requests for textbooks, the faculty or staff member is strongly encouraged to explore other possibilities with the student (library reserve, desk copies, Academic Services textbook library) before making a request on behalf of the student.

Donations to the SHARE fund are encouraged. Donations are tax-deductible and should be made to Adrian College specifying the SHARE fund as a restriction.

For more information about the SHARE fund, please contact any of the following Student Affairs staff members:

  • Dawn Marsh, Director of Health Center, x4214
  • Monique Savage, Director of Counseling, x4518

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