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Adrian College Vehicle Reservation Guidelines

General Rules:

  • A single department may reserve in advance up to two (2) vehicles for a specific activity or trip until ten (10) days prior to the event then you can ask for more.
  • There is to be absolutely NO TOBACCO OR ALCOHOL in the college vehicle.
  • The driver is responsible in making sure that all passengers wear their seatbelts.
  • If the interior of the vehicle is returned dirty, the group will be fined $50 for extra cleaning.

Vehicle Information and How to Reserve a Vehicle:

  • You are only allowed to carry 10 passengers in the vans.
  • If your group wants to use the 33/40 passenger bus, your group will need to pay for the driver whichPlant will assign once you have been approved to use the bus.
  • To reserve a van or the bus, fill out a vehicle reservation form completely and send to plant either through e-mail or through the mail. If the vehicle is being used by a student organization, then the form must be signed by the faculty advisor saying that they are responsible for the vehicle.The forms are available through building secretaries or they are located at the red tab in this document.

Canceling Vans and Picking Up Vans:

  • If you have reserved a vehicle, and need to cancel the vehicle, please let us know ASAP. If you reserve a vehicle and do not use it, your account will be charged $45. We would like at least 24hours notice for cancellations (we know this is not always possible to do, and some exceptions will be made).
  • Keys can be picked up Monday through Friday from 7 AM to 3:30 PM at the CampusServices Building. Key pick up is NOT available evenings or weekends. Weekends are the only exception when keys will be handed out early. HOWEVER, you must not take the vehicle until the date and time you are scheduled.
  • When you pick up the vehicle you will be given an envelope with the keys and mileage/checklist sheet. With a few exceptions on weekends, the gas tank will be full and oil checked before you pick the vehicle up. If your trip is lengthy, please check the oil when you stop for gas.

Prior to Departure and Other Important Information:

  • PRIOR TO USAGE, check for trash in van and any damage to the exterior or interior of the vehicle so that your group will not be charged for these damages. If any of these items a represent, please note them on your mileage/checklist sheet.
  • If you were in an accident please completely fill out an accident report. Accident report forms are in the glove box with the vehicle registration and proof of insurance forms. Fill out the report, and turn it in with the vehicle keys.
  • If you have vehicle problems, do the following: Monday through Friday from 7 AM to 3:30 PM call (517) 265-5161 ext. 4456. Any other times call (517) 265-5161 ext. 4333 (Department ofSafety) and they will contact Plant. When you call make sure to leave the following information:your name, phone number you can be reached at, nature of the problem, and which vehicle you are driving.
  • The College is not responsible for any fines associated with traffic or parking violations.

Returning of the Vehicle

  • When returning the vehicle, make sure the following items are done:

- Clean out all loose trash
- All windows are shut
- All exterior and interior lights are OFF
- The van is secured and locked
- The mileage sheet has been filled out
- Make sure to list any damages or vandalism that may have occurred to the vehicle while it was also in your possession. Also any other problems with the vehicle.
- The keys and envelope are placed in the key drop box on the back of the Campus Services Building, in the slot marked KEY DROP.

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