Motor Vehicle Regulations


Registration of Vehicles

1. All student, staff and faculty motor vehicles, possessed or used, on campus must be registered every academic year. Parking on College property is a privilege, not a right. Vehicles must be registered online through the Campus Safety website. Have a valid driver’s license, student ID and vehicle registration (not proof of insurance) ready when registering. Any vehicle without a valid parking permit found in any lot where a VALID permit is required, will be ticketed and is also subject to being immobilized or towed at vehicle owner’s expense (see Immobilizing and Towing). This includes but is not restricted to, all unpaved or paved areas on campus where vehicles are NOT authorized to be driven, i.e. on any lawn or grassy area, sidewalks and walkways.

**Students may register only one automobile.

2. Vehicle registration
a. The student vehicle registration is included in tuition and fees for the 2023-2024 academic year. Registration for vehicles will be done through the Campus Safety office or the online portal. All students with a vehicle on campus are REQUIRED to have a permit including commuters. Students will receive an email from Campus Safety when the registration process is open. Students will have until the Tuesday after Labor Day to complete the registration. Tickets will be issued for not having the proper permit after this date.
b. Commuters may park on the street or in the Merillat or Dawson lots from 7 AM until 11 PM only. If a commuter needs to stay overnight for an off-campus event, they must get a temporary overnight pass from the Campus Safety office. All commuters must have a valid permit to park on campus. Vehicles on campus must be identifiable in order to contact owners in the event of parking lot closures due to special events or snow emergencies or other emergencies on campus that may occur.
c. Guest permits are unlimited at no cost and expire in 3 days.
d. A parking permit is no longer valid if a student withdraws or graduates.

3. Adrian College does not assume responsibility for the care or protection of any vehicle or its contents while operated or parked on campus property. Vehicles should be locked when unattended and must be parked within the boundaries of a defined parking space.

4. Motor vehicle registration expires

a. As indicated on the permit (by academic year)
b. When ownership of the vehicle changes
c. When the eligibility of motor vehicle privileges are revoked by disciplinary action
d. If a registered vehicle is traded for another, a windshield replaced, or a student moves and requires a different permit, a new permit will be issued for an additional cost of $5.00, provided the remnants of the first permit are presented at Campus Safety.

5. The Adrian College window permit is to be completely affixed with its own adhesive and displayed at all times on the lower left corner of the back window (driver’s side). An expired permit must be removed before a new one is affixed. Permits must not be altered or defaced in any way. Tickets may be issued to vehicles displaying a permit incorrectly.

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