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Incoming students for Fall 2024 are invited to register for Sneak Peek Day on Friday, July 12, 2024

Safety Measures & Policies

In the event of an emergency:

  • First, dial 911 to state your emergency and give your exact location.
  • Next, dial extension 4333 and give Campus Safety the same information.

Student Responsibility

It is the responsibility of ALL Adrian College students to provide identification to any College official upon request. Thus, students are required to have their Adrian College student identification card in their possession at all times while on property owned, or controlled, by Adrian College. (See Adrian College Student Code of Conduct, Art. III, Sect. B. 3.)

On Campus Housing Safety Measures

The vast majority of crimes on campus involve theft of personal property. Almost always, the theft is from an unlocked room or unattended common area. YOU can prevent these “crimes of opportunity” by following these steps:

  • Always lock your door when you leave, no matter how long you plan to be gone.
  • Do not prop open residence hall doors for any reason.
  • Keep your valuables—such as wallets, purses, money and jewelry—out of sight.
  • Do not leave notes on your door announcing that no one is present.
  • Never loan out your keys or ID card.
  • Report anyone acting suspiciously in and around campus housing or Greek Houses to Campus Safety or a Residence Life staff member.
  • Report any doors, locks or windows in need of repair to a Residence Life staff member.
  • Do not let non-residents into halls. Visitors should be let in by the expecting student.

Securing Your Belongings:

  • Do not leave personal objects (wallet, purse, books) unguarded in academic buildings, recreational facilities or residence halls.
  • Bicycle locks and locks on car doors should be utilized to protect against theft.
  • Do not leave keys outside under door mats or in an unattended area. Also, do not attach your keys to your College ID or driver’s license; if lost, these items provide identifying information.

Safety Measures Elsewhere on Campus:

  • When walking at night, avoid short cuts through deserted areas of campus or other less illuminated areas. The shortest distance is not always the safest.
  • Notify friends when you are traveling around campus alone at low traffic hours. Tell them where you are going and when they can expect you to return.
  • Campus Safety officers are available 24 hours a day for escorts if students feel uncomfortable walking from one point to another on campus. Contact Campus Safety at ext. 4333 for more information.

Medical Emergency Intervention Policy

Adrian College has an avid interest in maintaining the health and safety of its students, employees and campus guests. In order to provide the best and safest response to a medical emergency, the following guidelines have been established:

  • In the event of an emergency, dial 911. State the nature of your emergency and your location.
  • Contact the Department of Campus Safety at ext. 4333.
  • Someone should stay with the victim(s) until help arrives.

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