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Campus Employment

Student Employment Application Procedure

  • Applying for a Campus Employment (CE) position does not guarantee you a job.  Students may not assume that they have secured a CE position simply by applying for one.  It is highly recommended that students apply for more than one CE job.
  • An email will be sent from Campus Employment to ALL students with information regarding the process to apply for CE opportunities each academic year. This communication will be sent to the students’ “” email address.  This communication is typically made toward the end of August each year.  It is the students’ responsibility to check their email account for this notification. This email will include the job descriptions of the various CE opportunities available and each description will contain a link to that job’s online application.
  • All students will be required to fill out online applications for the CE jobs in which the student is interested, even if the student worked a CE job in a previous year.  Each application contains required fields; these fields are noted with a red asterisk (*).  If a required field is vacant, the application will be rejected by the system.  It is the responsibility of the student to make sure all required fields are addressed and the application is successfully submitted.
  • An acknowledgement email will be sent to the student once the application is successfully submitted.  Students must retain proof of their application submission(s).  If there is no evidence that a student has submitted an application by the defined deadlines provided on the online applications then the student will be ineligible for a CE job for the semester.
  • Once an application has been successfully submitted, the application will be forwarded to the appropriate CE Supervisor.  Supervisors will review the applications and may choose to interview candidates.  It will be the Supervisor’s responsibility to notify applicants if they are hired.  If a student has not been contacted by the hiring Supervisor by the end of the second week of classes the student may assume that the position for which the student has applied has been filled with other applicants.
  • Before a student can work a CE job the student must obtain a “Blue Card” from the Payroll Office.  Only students who have been informed that they have been selected for a CE job will need to visit the Payroll Office to fill out the necessary forms and obtain a Blue Card.  It is the students’ responsibility to obtain a Blue Card prior to beginning work in their CE job.  The Payroll Office is located in the office corridor in the northeast corner of the Administration Building.
  • Should you have any questions regarding campus employment, email:

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