Pre-Requisite Requirements

Pre-Requisite Courses

Suggested Dual Enrollment Courses

ART100 Three-Dimensional Design*
ART101 Two-Dimensional Design*
ART102 Digital Foundations (3)*
ART103 Drawing for Life (3)*
ART206 Ceramics Wheel Throwing (3)*
CCC101 College Writing (3)
CCC102 Public Speaking (3)
COMM109 Beginning Media Performance (3)
COMM110 Survey of Mass Communication (3)
COMM205 Public Relations I (3)*
COMM209 Interpersonal Communication (3)
DANC100 Dance Fundamentals (1)
ENG210 Introduction to American Literature (3)
ESAT100 Principles of Fitness (2)
JRNL238 Introduction to Journalism (3)
MUS106 Music in Film (3)
MUS113 Popular Music in America (3)
MUS114 History of Rock & Roll (3)
PSC101 Federal Government (3)
PSC102 State and Local Government (3)
PSYC100 General Psychology (3)
SOC104 Introduction to Sociology (3)
THRE106 Introduction to Theater (3)
*Indicates potential course fee for materials

Future Teacher Exploration Certificate

TED204 Educational Psychology (3)
TED240 Foundations of Education (3)
TED 241 Multicultural Education in the 21st Century (3)

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