Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film Studies (124 hours)


Film Studies Core (39 hours) 

COMM109 Beginning Media Performance (3)

 COMM110 Survey of Mass Communication (3) 

COMM205 Public Relations I (3) 

COMM210 Digital Media Production I (3) 

COMM218 Introduction to Communication Theory (3) 

COMM280 Communication Ethics (3) 

COMM308 Mass Communication Criticism (3) 

COMM319 Film History (3) 

COMM339 Digital Media Production II (3) 

COMM387 Documentary Film (3) 

COMM388 Fiction Filmmaking (3)

 COMM390 Film BFA Career Workshop (3) 

COMM422 Capstone: Senior Exp. in COMM Arts(3)

Film Studies Electives (6 hours) 

Choose 6 credits required from the following:

 COMM209 Interpersonal Communication (3) 

COMM285 Podcasting, Audio and Radio Production (3) 

COMM290 Live Stream Video & TV Production (3) 

COMM302 Persuasion and Social Influence (3)
COMM314 Public Relations II: Campaign Writing and Management (3) 

COMM317 PR Performance and Production (3) 

COMM330 Intercultural Communication (3) 

COMM342 Public Relations and Organizational Theory (3)

 Film Studies Cognates (15 hours) 

ENGL203 Creative Writing (3)* 

Choose 9 hours required from the following: 

AHIS202 Western Art History II: Renaissance through Contemporary (3)* 

ART102 Digital Foundations (3) 

ART215 Beginning Photography (3) 

ART219 Typography (3)* 

ART228 Introduction to Graphic Design (3)* 

Choose 3 hours required from the following: 

ENGL210 Introduction to American Literature (3) 

ENGL250 Special Topics in Literature (3) 

ENGL303 Advanced Writing (3)*

 JRNL238 Introduction to Journalism (3)

 JRNL415 Focus on Journalism (3)*

 THRE106 Introduction to Theatre (3) 

THRE108 Introduction to Acting (3) 

THRE310 Playwriting Workshop (3)* 

THRE312 Production Design (Scenery and Lighting (3)*

*designates course with pre-requisite

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