Minor in Computer Information Systems
(22 hours)

Computer Information Systems Minor Core
(16 hours)
CIS201 Introduction to Data Science (3)
CIS201L Introduction to Data Science Lab (1)
CIS250 Advanced Web-Based Programming (3)
CS101 Introduction to Computer Science (3)
or CS100 Internet History, Technology, and Security (3)
CS103 Programming for Everyone I (3)
CS110 Web Development (3)

Computer Information Systems Minor Electives*
(6 hours)
Choose 6 hours required from the following:
ART319 Front End Web Design (3)
CIS140 Computer Applications for Business (3)
CS104 Programming for Everyone II (3)
CS300 Special Topics in Computer Science (3)
CS311 Application Development I (3)
CS312 Application Development II (3)
CS381 Database Management Systems (3)
* Some of the minor electives may have prerequisites

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