This program is no longer available for new students. Only students who have declared this minor before the 2023-2024 academic year will be allowed to complete it.

Minor in Computer Information Systems
(22 hours)

Computer Information Systems Minor Core
(16 hours)
CIS201 Introduction to Data Science (3)
CIS201L Introduction to Data Science Lab (1)
CIS250 Advanced Web-Based Programming (3)
CS101 Introduction to Computer Science (3)
or CS100 Internet History, Technology, and Security (3)
CS103 Programming for Everyone I (3)
CS110 Web Development (3)

Computer Information Systems Minor Electives*
(6 hours)
Choose 6 hours required from the following:
ART319 Front End Web Design (3)
CIS140 Computer Applications for Business (3)
CS104 Programming for Everyone II (3)
CS300 Special Topics in Computer Science (3)
CS311 Application Development I (3)
CS312 Application Development II (3)
CS381 Database Management Systems (3)
* Some of the minor electives may have prerequisites

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